About the LBW Brand

Kerry Lathon, get to know the man behind the groovy clothes!


Hello Lathon Bass Wear Family! My name is Kerry Lathon, and I am happy to be at your service. Just by your presence here, I know you are already part of our global bass player family. Thank you so much for that, your presence is felt and appreciated more than you know.



At an early age I couldn't get enough music, I went to as many concerts as I could. I always made it a point to grab a T-shirt at every show. Before you know it I was a T-shirt junkie!


My cousin Butch Diggs had a Top 40 Band rehearsal. One of the members was smooth jazz star Gerald Albright. I was always hanging around there with them. He plays Sax. I decided, I too, would play the saxophone.



I had the Sax bug, but I kept getting my bubble busted, over and over. My cousin tried to console me by saying I looked more like a bass player anyways. Whether he was joking or not, I changed my focus to bass and fell in love. I picked up that bass and taught myself how to play it. Quickly, I was good enough to join a band.


Amazingly, I was good enough to join my cousin Butch's new band. It was a great accomplishment & felt awesome, considering he had sparked my interest in becoming a bassist. They were great times, & I love the bass!


While we played, I felt something was missing, our band's own concert T-shirt! I decided to give my audience something they could leave with, as I had always done at concerts. I had the idea to create my own line of apparel. I got to work on some great designs, created my logo, and Lathon Bass Wear was born...


I continued to play with passion, and had some great shirts to mark the occasion. Then one day the clothes took on a whole new level. I went to the Playboy Jazz Festival. There, I met the amazing bassist Melvin Lee Davis. We talked and I was invited to his show in San Diego, at one of my favorite venue's Humphreys!.


During the sound check we were talking and I felt honored to give him a few pieces from my bass apparel line. I thought he might wear one at his leisure one day, but to my surprise he came out onto the stage rockin' one of my Lathon Bass Wear items! I can't explain in words, the feelings that welled up in me when I saw him. Needless to say I was thrilled. That day planted the flag of Lathon Bass Wear as a real pursuit, he got my business off of the ground. I saw it as a real vision and I will forever be grateful.


Through the years, bassists such as Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Nathan East and many more have donned our Lathon Bass Wear. I am grateful for every one of them, and for you. Thank you so much for being here at LBW, and welcome to our family. We are thrilled to have you. Make sure you send us your photo/video of you sporting our bass loving style.


Look Good, Play Good, Let the world know you're a Bass Player!


God Bless! - Lathon Bass Wear