Healthy Hands


Our bass player community is important to us, here at Lathon Bass Wear! We want to let you know that your hand health is something to be aware of as part of your bass dedication routine. You can keep playing with much less stress if you just remember to take care of your player digits.


Stretching your fingers is essential when you are a serious bassist. We all know that office workers get carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive typing. The repetitive motions of a bassist, from playing scales, leads or keeping the beat can put you at extreme risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. You love that bass and want to play as long as you can, we get it, but be smart. Injury from long practice or jamming sessions can last for a long time, and the last thing any bass player wants, is to be slowed down when they want to be jamming.


Remember to keep your wrists and hands moving in more ways than the chords. Mixing up your muscle movement with waves and stretches incorporated into your playing groove can make a good show, as well as help your muscles and tendons out. Finger stretches feel great too.


Stretch your hands, wrists and fingers through out the day. You can't be slapping and popping with stiff muscles. Stretching has been shown to reduce cases of carpal tunnel syndrome too. There is lots of information on the best methods of hand stretching out there. Be sure to educate yourself and help your hands!


Don't forget, we bass players know that we all over do it sometimes. We have all had the blisters and splits and cuts of bassist glory. Be sure to give your hands the rest they deserve. You have to give them a chance to heal properly, even when you don't want to. In these days we all have plenty of sanitizer on hand to prevent infections in those little cuts.


Keeping your hands clean and moisturized when you aren't playing will go a long way in keeping your bass hands healthy. Also wear a Lathon bass mask when you're playing. You'll not only look cool, you'll help get the world grooving again, a little bit faster.


Lathon Bass Wear cares about our global community of amazing bassists. We want to help take care of our family. Let the world know you're a bass player! Look good! Play Good, in Lathon Bass Wear!