Bassist Gift Giving

Bassist Gifts That Bass Players LOVE!

When buying a gift for the bass player you love, keep in mind, the pride that comes along with being a bassist! We could be percussion, we could be lead guitar, we could be singers, but what we all have in common is a love for that rhythm. The low bass tunes give that earthy sound that makes your mind and body move, giving life to all of the songs we play.


It's that groovy love that every bass player cherishes and wants to share with the world. This is why buying the perfect gift for the bass player in your life can happen at Lathon Bass Wear. Our global community is proud to tell the world they are a bass player! That is why our LBW symbol is seen a concerts and shows all over the globe. Just check out the shout outs we have from famous and local bassist alike, in our “family” section, on our website.


If you love a bassist, they will know it when you give them a bass specialty gift from our collections. We have T-shirts, hockey jerseys, and even chef aprons. Even when we get our food on, we know we are the bass players that rock the world. These are the gifts that are used every day, not just at the gig.

Grab your bassist a present today and don't forget to grab a bass mask for safety!


Look Good, Play Good! Let the World know you are a Bass Player!

God Bless! - Lathon Bass Wear